Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Learn Something About Your Social Media Strategy-- 4 Things to Consider

It’s important for every business owner to learn something about their social media strategy. Even if you don’t want to worry yourself and prefer to farm everything out.  At least know what platforms you are using and how to perform one of the tasks.

Blog, tweet, post, take pictures, or do something that will get you involved with the process so that you can become familiar with that aspect of your business.  These are four things to consider:

  1. It will help take some of the mystery and anxiety out of the technological mental block you may have.
  2. It will help raise your confidence level when talking to others about social media.
  3. You will gain a new skill and perhaps a new hobby.
  4. Only you know your business like you want it perceived. Being able to talk about it or painting the picture you want seen will help craft the brand you desire.  It might not be perfect—but “writing the vision and making it plain so that others may see and run with it” (Habakkuk 2: 2-3) it real.

Being self-reliant in at least one aspect of the social media arena is very empowering.  Using that

platform, you can reach out to your audience at any time you feel like it’s necessary.  Maybe you want to make a special announcement or tell them about a fire sale or some other event—being able to reach out on your own may prove very valuable to you.

When helping clients, I often recommend that they become familiar with a platform for that reason alone.  If you are not quite sure which one to choose, I have an eBook on Amazon entitled, Getting Started with Social Media, Things You Need To Know.  It’s an overview of the platforms I’ve used and a short summation of each one.  It is a quick read, but I think the information is helpful in making a consideration of which platforms to use.

Remember, even if you decide to never blog, tweet or post, it is the-- knowing how to do it-- is what matters.

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