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Do you sometimes find yourself in need of an extra hand or two to help with business tasks?  I'm Daniel Speller.  A blogger, writer, administrative support consultant, ...and Veteran! 

I recently decided to use my skills to help individuals, organizations and businesses with their efforts to get noticed by using my social media platforms. I write content mostly because I enjoy it.  It relaxes me, yet provides enough activity to keep my busy mind occupied (therapy). 

Creating content also allows me to help people in their efforts to grow their own budding businesses.  There is PLENTY of space for you too! I'd like the opportunity to help promote you and what you do!

Blogging and providing virtual assistance is something I've done for years, and will do for years to come.  Now, I plan to add traveling and enjoying new experiences to the mix.  Thank you for your support and for help spreading the word about my services.

If you'd like me to help you with your social media, Let's talk! I'm easy to work with and can help generate ideas and content to get you and your business noticed!  Make the Call!   Reach out to connect!!!  My contact information is below.

Consider a Mixed-Marketing Strategy for Your Business.  A mixed marketing strategy might be just what you need for your organization. And, what do I mean by that? I mean diversifying your marketing dollars to included various forms of social media.  Some of which are very affordable.

Ads or posts on Facebook, Twitter (X), Instagram and the like are fine.  However, they normally require you and your potential client or customer to have an account on those types of platforms for you to be seen.  Google ads are cool too and if you have the budget to sustain campaigns --that's great. 

But, I'd like to suggest that you also consider adding bloggers to your mix.  Many like me, have their own spaces on the internet and can use our platforms to help you get visibility for your organization, service or product very affordably.  Often other services can be added to the mix at a fraction of the cost.

How It Works

Although some bloggers, are not necessarily marketers or ad agencies, we are somewhat familiar with content creation, search engine optimization, and provide a consistent presence online with a growing audience.  We can assist you by helping with supplemental marketing needs.  Many won't mind working with you.  We can place ads on our sites for you that readers can see when they come to read our content.

So I'm looking forward to working with you!  Until then, enjoy life!


P:  (919)  278-7154



"Daniel helped us with several aspects of our dj business in the earlier days. He helped with some web development and tools we use to get leads and manage clients. His ability to grasp and explain concepts concerning social media technology was very helpful! Thank you Daniel for the support!"  
~ LK Productions DJ Services

"I worked closely with Daniel Speller as a superb Executive Administrator for a number of years, and I unhesitatingly recommend him for process engineering, organizational skills, media expertise, hospitality, and professionalism. Daniel's work ethic is second to none."

~Teresa S.


"Daniel is a detail oriented and multifaceted professional. His skill set ranges from blogging to administrative support, to IT support. Daniel completes every job he starts with excellence. He brings a wealth of knowledge to every project which enables him to think "out of the box". Daniel is extremely talented and creative and would be an asset to any team. "

~Denise H.

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