Saturday, June 8, 2024

Can We Discuss Brother Cornel West For A Moment?

I really, really think he would be an interesting and effective President. Yes, he is a bit eccentric. Yes he has a lot of jazz references. No, he's not the "clean cut" candidate you might be used to seeing.

And yet, he is still very well read and abreast on issues. A freedom fighter, who has a command on the English language and is not afraid to use both his inside and outside voice. Check out some his platform and videos. You'll find that he might be the candidate for you too.

If you are thinking about staying home and not participating at all in the November elections, consider at least coming out to vote for Progressives …and their Democrat allies, to fill as many seats as possible in the House and Senate.  

Congress needs to be rid of the foolishness and folly of Republicans.  They are not serious about their

jobs, nor the people they are supposed to represent.  Everything they touch they ruin.  Even the POST OFFICE and Mail is now messed up.  Republican apparently don't know the difference in a service and a profit making business.  Government is supposed to be a service to and for the people.

Dr. West understands this and I hope he will make all the moves the people wanted Obama to make--but failed to do so.  Have you seen his campaign site? cornelwest2024

Governing is not as easy as it seems.  I get that.  But with the example of Trump doing all the wrong shit, and still not having to account for his idiocy.  Someone trying to do the right things should be able to manage quite well--if he /she has the right help.  So, get yourself informed and get involved!

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