Monday, April 25, 2022

"Don't Take It Personal"… Really?

Has anyone ever told you-- "Don't take it personal"?  My response is, How can I not?

  1. You are personally talking to me.  
  2. I am the one standing in front of you. 
  3. I am the one you are addressing.  

So, if we are being real, I think saying "Don't take it personal" is a cop out.  Because, people want to say what they want without having an actual discussion and coming reciprocation.

I've heard the term used especially in business.  As if, them, adding that little jewel of a phrase, is going to emotionally detach you, but...   

No, sir… It was me personally putting in the time, thought and effort into doing whatever it was that needed to be done, so I am personally invested.

As a matter of fact, it is my belief that everything we do is "personal" … that's why when someone offends you, or says or does something that you don't agree with, you want them to take "Personal Responsibility". 

So, please-- speak your truth, but don't try to patronize or belittle the situation by dismissing the personal.  You said what you said, or did what you did... So now, just be prepared for the follow up. 

Peace and blessings.

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