Monday, October 30, 2023

MiNews Update Vol 2


Israel and Hamas.  Rather than to seek peace option, Israel has chosen to go forward with their plan to fire upon Gaza in an effort to "drive out Hamas".  Many, including some Israeli citizens have demonstrated and called for a cease-fire to work on a solution.  The latest skirmish is from an attack Hamas made on Israel.  However, it should be noted that for than 50 years the Palestinians in total have been under a heavy occupation by Israel--with Israel making unrecognized settlements in lands considered to belong to the Palestinians.  In my opinion, it is a total mess over there.  I pray and hope for a peaceful solution.

Dr. Cornel West for President.  Dr. Cornel West is still running for President.  Although the news isn't covering it much, Dr. Cornel West is still in the race for President of the United States. There have been a few changes in his campaign, but he is still in the race.  He initially started out as a candidate for the People's Party, then switched to the Green Party. He now runs as an Independent and states that he will continue in the race until election day.  The Wiki information on Dr. West has a good summary, but If you'd like to read more about Dr. West and  his political platform, visit his site at: .

Bertie Business Network (BBN) in the news.  There was an interesting article in the DailyAdvance Online about broadband featuring Nicole Outlaw, the BBN's Founder.  It is noted that Fybe (which used to be called Roanoke Connect) has don't a lot of broadband upgrades in the area and Nicole talks about the great possibilities of it for businesses in the area.  You can find the article at this link: Broadband: Digital at the Doorstep by John Foley, Staff Writer.

Medicare Annual Enrollment Period.  Okay, by now I know everybody has heard that this is the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period.  It goes from October 15 - December 7, 2023.  The official Medicare site is:  There are a lot of commercials and people who will be calling you on your house and cell phone.  I caution you that should not be giving out your information to everyone calling on your phone.  The safest thing to do is to make the call to your provider and visit the office site so that you can get the best information.

Friday, October 27, 2023

"The Age of Easy Money" was a great Film

 Recently, I watched a YouTube video documentary from Frontline|PBS called, Age of Easy Money.

If you ever wanted to get an idea and quick history about how flimsy the stock market and other schemes that might be at play, it might be worth watching. The video covered everything from the rescue of the economy in 2008 all the way up to speculation and Crypto. It focused a lot on the Fed… as it should.

It exposes the fact that uncontrolled "free markets" and "capitalism" doesn't work when mostly the rich benefit from it. You should check it out.



YouTube Image from "The Age of Easy Money"

Friday, October 13, 2023

Explore Your World From Where You Are… Then Travel!

image of local beach/cove called Tall Glass of Water Project
DHSpeller Image: Beach/Cove TGOW Project

In my opinion, exploring is part of human nature.  Some people like to do it a little, others like to do it a lot.  Today, I'm here to encourage you to not be discouraged if you can't do it as often as you like. As a matter of fact, I would argue that actually going to a location is only part of the journey.  Start the trip by seeing it in your mind's eye first.

Take some time to learn about destinations right from where you are. Use resources like your cellphone, computers, books, and even people that you might know who have been where you want to go or might be native to where you want to travel. That will help build  upon the overall experience and prepare you for what you might encounter when you get there.

I currently live in a rural area, but I've traveled some in the past.  And some of the things I learned from the military when preparing to change duty stations is to learn about the place you are going to.  That has endured as such a lesson to me that I often look up places I intend to visit even now!  I often go to YouTube and pull up live webcams for Florida, Hawaii, the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, Africa, or even New York or D.C. just to put my mind in position of being there.

I encourage you to explore more--right where you are and prepare for the journey!

Happy travels and safe journeys!