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Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Does Your Business Have An SOP? Or Do You Just Wing It?

An SOP (Standard/Standard Operating Procedure) is a basic guide that gives you information about how an organization or company runs or operates.  I was first introduced to them when I was in the military and word as an administrative support specialist.

The book/guide was a wonderful and useful tool that told you all sorts of information about the organization.  Everything from working hours down to the dress code in some instances.  It culminated much of the information in the guide from other sources and served as a general breakdown about what to do and how it should be done.

When I switched over to the private sector, I sometimes found that a written SOP was not in place.  Sometimes, some of the rules were passed down by word of mouth and at other times, it seemed like they were being made up on the spot or real time as a solution was being contrived.

Do you have an SOP for your organization?  If not—it might be helpful to develop one, even if you are a one man/person operation.  It may help save time and resources should your organization grow, or

Sunday, April 7, 2024

Daniel H. Speller: About Being a Disciple in Everyday Life - My Foundation and Belief


Updated: April 7, 2024

I wanted to explore the topic of Being a disciple in everyday life. In one way or the other, we are all followers of something.  This is my story.  I grew up as a preacher’s kid.  My mom was the minister, and my dad was a deacon.  I grew up with a good foundation in believing of an existence of a God. I found my truth along my path of growth; and I’m still growing to this day.

This writing, along with others that may follow, may eventually become a series of eBooks.  But for now, they are posts and articles, amongst my other posts, that describe my belief and approach to life as a Disciple of Christ, the Living Word. On the site, they will be under the hashtag and category of "Thoughts Of A Disciple".  Primarily, I've decided to place most of my thoughts and information on YouTube in a playlist, "Thoughts of a Disciple: God is Word".   I am hoping something will be said that will be both helpful and enlightening.  I believe we all need encouragement.  Life can be perplexing at times; and words of encouragement can often help along the way.

I’m writing this as a conversation, so there will be a lot of recalling, some reflecting, and going back and forth. Revisiting situations and using them as analogies is my jam. Alibi: I am not a life coach, but I do have circumstances that one can learn from, and they will probably be mentioned from time to time. Also, this is MY Truth; how I relate to God. You may relate to God entirely differently, if so—I won’t judge you, so don’t judge me.  It really is all about a personal relationship.

With that said, thank you for supporting me by purchasing and reading my books and visiting my website.  Let’s get into it.

My Foundation and Belief

I believe that there is a God; and that God is Word—based on the scripture found in the book of John1:1. It took me a while to come to that realization because I had always imagined God in the form of mankind, which limited me terribly.  Questions like What color is he/she? Why doesn’t he/she answer me? What did I do to piss him off today?  Why did he do this or that when it says he loves me, and he doesn’t change? …and on, and on, and on, the questions kept coming.

When the epiphany came for me that God is Word; and I explored that possibility; then read, processed, and received the rest of John, Chapter 1, so many things cleared up for me. God became the very essence of the words and message I was reading.  And like words, God was everywhere, all at once, at the same time—in different languages; being expressed in different ways—all around the world.  God could be found in portions of script and scripture in every religion—regardless of how mankind had tried to change or manipulate the words. God, being TRUTH, could still be found!  Even when portions of truth tried to be omitted, there were enough hints which were left to lead the reader to know: there was more to read and learn.  To see more, check out the YouTube Playlist!

Playlist: Thoughts of a Disciple: God is Word

Progressives Need to Learn The Rule of Yoda

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The more I look at how Republicans and their conservative friends try to own the liberals, the more I realize that Progressives need to follow, and teach their allies to follow, what I call,  The Rule of Yoda. Which is:
 "Do or Do Not. There is no try."

Even before a bill or piece of legislation gets to the point of being voted on, Democrats seem to be asking permission to do every little thing-- even though it might already be legal! Cut that shit out!!

Read your books. Give money to who you want. Don't spend money with people who don't or won't support you and your causes. The more you ask permission the more they so no and take what you already have. Live!!!

We see how the legal system and the Supreme Court rolls, so act accordingly. You have the power to

Become Aware of Who Represents You—A Hint to Researching

A lot of information isn’t as hard to locate as you might think.  If you are interested in finding out who your politicians and representatives are for you specifically, start with your county’s web site.  As I looked through the website of the city where I currently reside, I located a “Directory” page which contained not only the main local contacts, but they also had links to county, state, and federal representatives.  Your city might have the same.  You can start by doing a google search on your location by typing in the “Name and State” of the city you live in.  From the results, look for websites that end in the extensions of “.gov, .us, or maybe .org”.  Those are normally the official information sites of most governmental organizations.

If all else fails, you can also do a Google word search using the term “who represents me?”.  When I did that, the results showed suggestions based on where it thought my geo-location was, and prior Google searches I had performed, indicating both local and national relative websites.

Happy searching!

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

We Are All Time Travelers


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Have you ever wanted to time travel? I recently had "thoughts" about that topic, let's talk about it.  I know people talk about it all the time.  They want to go back in time or go forward in time in order to improve their situations or change the possibilities of things to come.  

I’m here to say today that we are all time travelers!  We don't realize it but, I believe that we time travel through our memories and our imaginations.  When we think about the past—and the things that we've done; that is exactly like going back in time.  Be it through your personal life or your business decisions, because one rule of time travel is that even if you went back in time, you are warned not to change the outcome.  You can observe, but you’re warned not to try to change anything in the past because you don’t know how it’s going to truly affect your future.  If you decide not to do a thing, or maybe do something differently, you don't truly know how that's going to affect you or the people around you (which was demonstrated in the movie, “Back To The Future”, or the many other science-fiction styled films that re-tale the storyline.

But in our memories and imaginations, it’s like the safety switch is turned on so that you are free to explore. We can go back to that point in time when we say, “oh man, I wish I had done this, or I wish I had done that”. And in that space, we can create whole alternative situations. The good thing about this process is, when we do travel back or forward in time, we can see the mistakes and take notes of those things so that we won't make the same mistake(s) now (in the present); or better prepare for the future. I think that is the best way we can use our abilities as time travelers.  Now that you are aware--Happy Trails, and Godspeed.