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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Soldier For Life Link

Have you served or are you serving in the military?  I've learned that it's never too soon to find out information about benefits and retirement.  This is a link for Service Members to refer to in case they needed a starting point for trying to seek help.  To start off the list, I thought the Soldier For Life Retirement link found on the Army Mil site would be a great selection.  I visited it recently and saw that it had all kinds of information about retirement and other useful points of interest. The link is .

The above link along with the main site,, has many hours of useful information and can get you caught up on somethings you may have missed.

Though this post is generally for those who served in the Army, There could be links and helpful information listed on the pages mentioned for other branches as well. 

I wanted to add something for everyone, so this link is to Military One Source: a general resource for all branches.

And, thank you all for your service.  Huah [Hooah].

Thursday, May 16, 2024

miNews Update Vol 3

Something for Retiring Veterans--Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard. If you are a retiring Service Member, this site might be just what you need to learn more about retirement.  They even have information for Gray Area Retirees!  As you know active duty soldiers are usually eligible for retirement after 20 years of honorable service; but Reservists and National Guard Members become eligible around the age of 60.  Gray Area Retirees can become eligible earlier if certain rules apply.  Read up on it all by visiting the DFAS site!

Have you made a copy of your important documents and valuables?  With today's technology, it is very easy to make copies or take pictures of important documents and valuables, such as Birth Certificates, ID Cards, and other valuables to prove identification or show ownership.  Using your cell phone or printer scanner can be used to accomplish the task. Making a scan or digitizing old family pictures is also a great idea and a great way to preserve family history.  Need help?  You can always reach out to us at for some administrative support, or maybe a tech savvy family member who could help with the task at an affordable cost.  Be sure to save or transfer those photos to a thumb drive or some other type of storage medium.  A Terabyte external storage drive is very affordable now and can store a great deal of files and images.  It's a great project to tackle during the upcoming holiday season!

AARP Bulletin and Website are great sources for information.  Do you receive the AARP Bulletin or have visited the AARP Website?  If not, I recommend you do so.  It has a wealth of information and sometimes great tips and digital coupons are available that can lead to saving a good deal of money. It covers a lot of information about retirement and healthcare; an excellent supplement to visiting the Social Security government site.


Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Border Solutions

If there is going to be a border solution, I think it lies in the erection of real viable border towns and community type outposts that are designed to serve and support both travelers and asylum seekers.

That way people can come to America and live while awaiting to get their citizenship without being in the shadows. Spending a lot of money on border walls and trying to keep people out is a losing effort. And, Americans like to go to Canada, Mexico, and other South American countries just as much as they like coming here. (Ever heard of expats?)

I believe the same money could be spent building Asylum cities.. not the 'make-shift ones, but actual ones that are built for long term. I think our relations with our neighbors would improve greatly and it would take the smuggling and underground element out of something that should occur naturally.

image of futuristic border city
Border cities instead of border walls.

Monday, May 13, 2024

It's Time to Increase Your Knowledge (Free eBooks and Recordings)

2024 is the perfect time to begin something new and invest in yourself by increasing your knowledge.  I was doing some research for possible articles for Black History month and other topics and ran a cross some great resources.

There are thousands of free books, recordings and videos on every topic you can think of.

Since I was researching black history, the resources I've included below are about that topic.  But you can do similar searches and find information on the topic you want.  This is a great time to be alive!

With a cell phone and a laptop, you can have access to much of what you would have if you were enrolled in a university.  Actually, you can do that too.

The links below are for google searches and a three  great free eBook and audio recording sites I found. 

Saturday, May 11, 2024

Some Bertie County History (Part 1)

I grew up in a small town called Windsor, North Carolina– The county seat of Bertie County.  This is not the “official” history, but it is a history of interesting facts I could find about the area–salted with my bits and pieces of storytelling.  I have also included interesting links that I hope you find interesting as the story unfolds.   By the way, hopefully this will be an on-going history as I plan to update it with additional links and revisions as the present themselves as I go along.  So check back often for updates and click on the other tabs for news and information too.  Thanks and peace.

map of Bertie County, North CarolinaBertie County was founded and established as a county in 1722.  According to my research, it was originally part of Albemarle County and was called Bertie Precinct.  After becoming a county, Bertie at one point, had approximately 45 townships, though some, by now,  may have combined and merged into single townships– possibly for economic reasons.

Out of the 45 townships,  I know of approximately 13.  Windsor, Lewiston, Roxobel, Kelford, Askewville Aulander, Ahoskie (though no longer considered part of Bertie County), Colerain, Indian Woods, Merry Hill, Powellsville, Sans Souci, and Woodard (aka The Neck).  I’ll go into detail about each later on in the (his)story.  I’ve probably driven through many of the others dozens of times but just didn’t realize they were actual townships.  You can read brief descriptions about the townships at this site called The Towns and Communities of Original Bertie County.  I found it and other interesting sites and information while researching the content of this writing.

…to be continued