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Sunday, April 7, 2024

Progressives Need to Learn The Rule of Yoda

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The more I look at how Republicans and their conservative friends try to own the liberals, the more I realize that Progressives need to follow, and teach their allies to follow, what I call,  The Rule of Yoda. Which is:
 "Do or Do Not. There is no try."

Even before a bill or piece of legislation gets to the point of being voted on, Democrats seem to be asking permission to do every little thing-- even though it might already be legal! Cut that shit out!!

Read your books. Give money to who you want. Don't spend money with people who don't or won't support you and your causes. The more you ask permission the more they so no and take what you already have. Live!!!

We see how the legal system and the Supreme Court rolls, so act accordingly. You have the power to

make things work in your favor, you just have to organize and identify ways of making it happen. Partner up with like minded professionals. Doctors, lawyers, bankers, organizers. They are all part of the Progressive community. Let's move forward as a unit. I know working with others can be difficult. I too like to work alone-- a lot. But, for the most efficient motion, we have to start reaching out and see who our allies are. Our communities and neighborhoods can be so much better if we claim our power.

Regarding the vote in November, stop fretting about it. VOTE! Vote for Progressives and their Democratic Allies to put in Congress. Republicans must be voted out. And Even if you don't vote for Joe (I like Cornel West if he can get it together), by voting for Progressives and their allies in local, state and Federal races, we'll still have the power to affect the government for the good in our communities and nationally.

Stop trying, and do. Baby steps count.

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