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Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Border Solutions

If there is going to be a border solution, I think it lies in the erection of real viable border towns and community type outposts that are designed to serve and support both travelers and asylum seekers.

That way people can come to America and live while awaiting to get their citizenship without being in the shadows. Spending a lot of money on border walls and trying to keep people out is a losing effort. And, Americans like to go to Canada, Mexico, and other South American countries just as much as they like coming here. (Ever heard of expats?)

I believe the same money could be spent building Asylum cities.. not the 'make-shift ones, but actual ones that are built for long term. I think our relations with our neighbors would improve greatly and it would take the smuggling and underground element out of something that should occur naturally.

image of futuristic border city
Border cities instead of border walls.

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