Tuesday, June 18, 2024

The Reason I Talk Junk about Democrats is Because, I Want Them to Do Better


I want Democrats to do so much better than they have done over the past 40 years. From what I’ve seen from the majority of Democrats is the willingness to fight against #Progressives and others who might be to the left of them; but that same energy does not exist in fights with Republicans.  

They are more apt to try to prove their conservatism than to show a willingness to vote for progressive legislation for the American people. And then comes the handwringing.

If you learn nothing more, nor do anything else—leave Progressives alone. There is a reason I am no longer a Democrat or Republican. I am not a fan of the two-party modal. It is disturbing to see progressive candidates vilified. 

I’m also saddened to see Progressives and Independents run as Democrats. Please stop. The primaries are technically your time to shine. Even if Republicans and Democrats don’t want to give you oxygen

Monday, June 17, 2024

“Not Voting” is Not the Answer


To my #Progressive friends, let’s face it, not voting is not an option. And voting for #Republicans is opposite of everything we want. My solution is to vote for as many Progressives as we can for Congress and keep pressing #Democrats to do better as we continue to add more #Progressives and their allies to the Congressional ranks over the next several years. 

Other things we can do is start distinguishing to the mainstream media, on every opportunity, that you are not
a Democrat. Be bold about your decision to be progressive and explain why it is important to have options other than Democrats and Republicans. And, although you may decide to vote for Democrats, until more progressive candidates can be elected, let your preferences be known. 

The goal is to change the make-up of Congress... fewer non-progressive Democrats and way fewer Republicans. If we want better legislation, this will be necessary. It is always better to have liberties and

Sunday, June 16, 2024

Don't Forget to Clean Your Fan (and Other Equipment)!


image of fan

Regardless of if you have a home office or work place facility, don't forget to clean your fan!  I was picking up a bit around my work area/home office room and started to sweat.  I'd just returned from the outside and thought, "it wasn't that hot out there".

I know that heat is trapped inside of a building, but still, it was warmer than usual.  I was going to reach over to turn on the fan, but noticed that it was already on.  Dusty, but on.  It wasn't properly moving and circulating the air. But, let me tell  you something. Taking 5 minutes to take the fan apart to clean the plastic blades and frame guard made a world of difference!

There was such an increase of airflow, and you could feel the room cool down almost immediately--and it wasn't even on high.

Sometimes we forget to service the tools we use in our professions.  This post was merely talking about

Thursday, June 13, 2024

Everything Is Going Back To Small Business and Sole Proprietorships

Do you think smaller businesses will save the day?

I think everything is going back to "small"-small businesses, mom and pop shops, and sole proprietorships. The economy is rebuilding itself in a different way.  Large businesses and their #Republican allies would have you believe that economic woes are due to Democrats, progressives and progressive policies.

Never mind the huge, two billion dollar giveaway the Republicans gave to corporations and continue to give. The greed and grift of big corporations is unreal! Most of the money that was supposed to 'trickle' down to workers and go back into the economy--was kept by greedy business owners.  None of the policies were executed as they were intended so, we are now on a different path.

Nope. I'm not an economist, nor a financial guru, but I have eyes.  And what I see is very interesting.  People see how the government has bailed out big business and banks time and time again.  But have not put the same effort into help regular people.  They have made it so that even though people can't buy what they need, they've still made the 'business' whole--and prices keep going up and up and up… the gouge is in full effect.  The housing industry is out of control.  Corporations and companies are buying up the housing stock, so prices remain ridiculously high.  Oil companies and big pharma have their way with regulations so that they pretty much do what they want to do, and the people suffer.

This is the good news.  People are finding out